With over 25 years of unexcelled performance we give you the quality and service you want, within your budget and on time. FRP fabrics make a structure stronger than new, in a fraction of the time. Saving you substantial money and time versus conventional repair processes.  

What is FRP? Fabric made from carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid impregnated with a resin matrix and bonded to a deficient structure whether it is Steel, Concrete or Wood.

With our extensive knowledge and experience our client’s needs are met in a wide range of construction environments, some examples but not limited too are Piles, Bridges, Columns, Pipes, Culverts, Penstock, Seismic Retrofit, Chemical Confinement, Blast Mitigation, Stanchions, Water Tanks and Parking Garage’s. We make FRP fabrics, resins, pile jackets, FRP sheet piles, coatings, and injection resins.

Professional   Services

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Training & Schooling
  • Materials
  • Full Turn-key solutions

featured   projects

  • FHFA- Washington D.C- Structurally strengthened joists, beams, and slabs to allow for penetrations on 10 floors for new stairs.
  • Alexander Hamilton Bridge- NY- structural repairs of columns, rehabilitation and replacement of brick
  • Commodore Barry Bridge- Structural repair of piers, columns, and pedestals. Crack injection and anti-corrosion coatings

News  &  Events


August , 2012

The FRP Retrofit Group, LLC. acquires patent pending for the FRP Pile, Pole, and Cap Jacket Wrap.

September, 2012

The FRP Retrofit Group, LLC. was awarded the contract to install the FRP Pile, Pole, and Cap Jacket Wrap to repair the Quincy Shipyard Pier in Boston, Ma

June, 2012

The FRP Retrofit Group, LLC. was awarded the change order for the Alexander Hamilton Bridge bringing the original contract value from $3,239,778.85 to $8,750,907.80 working with CCA Cival-Halmar International, LLC.